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Fancy Actor / Interpretive Dancer / Get it done’r

Cimcie Colette Nichols was born under the stars in Malibu. Currently, Cimcie is studying with Jocelyn Jones, The Second-City and polishing her performance skills with Dance for Artists troupe. She is producing various short films, web-series and performing in local NoHo, CA theater productions: Stage and Cinema “an assemblage of the bravest actors in Los Angeles.” Recently she put herself through USC earning an International Relations Degree, and learning Mandarin while abroad in China.

Her parents, Roger Nichols (8-time Grammy winning Engineer/Producer) and Conrad Reeder (Singer/Playwright), nurtured her creative spirit with dance, music, theater and the gypsy life in the entertainment industry, living in places like NYC, Nashville and Miami, before landing back in Hollywood, CA. She started as a child performer singing on John Denver’s Christmas Like a Lullaby album and starring in music videos and commercials. Cimcie is that fun/quirky sitcom, rom-com, or psycho slasher, gal next door.

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cimcie nicholsCimcie Nichols